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Spring Fever

on January 20, 2012

We have been spoiled this winter.  Just last week, we were still able to go out for walks!  It’s pretty sad when we get our first big snow, and I already have cabin fever.  Luckily, spring is just a couple months away.  So we decided to do a project to get prepared for sunny days (sweepin’ the clouds away).

I found these cute pots off the Disney family website (which also has a lot of other cute ideas for kids crafts).   Instead of using their faces, we decided to make some Sesame Street pots.  We had a bunch of clay pots from Abby’s birthday party, so I dug them out of storage.

It was Abby’s job to paint them Elmo red, Cookie Monster blue and Abby Cadabby pink.  Dad and I helped a little.  We used acrylic paint.

I then printed off Elmo, Cookie Monster & Abby Cadabby faces.  If you go to the Sesame Street website, they have printable coloring pages.  You can either print them and have the kids color them or you can color them right on the computer before printing.   Once printed, I cut out the eyes, nose and mouth for each character and we mod podged them to the painted pots.  I used a few coats of mod podge (especially over the faces)  This is what we got….

You can see a lot of wrinkles (especially on cookie monster)….I think I used a bad photo paper and I didn’t wait long enough for the ink to dry before mod podgeing!  But without a flash the wrinkles are barely noticeable.    This spring we will use this super cute idea to make a tipsy topsy Sesame Street garden.  Any cute ideas on what to use for flowers to match each character?


One response to “Spring Fever

  1. Zelie says:

    i just made these awesome sesame street pots. thanks for the inspiration. I made cookie monster, the grouch, elmo, the count, bert and ernie.they turned out so amazing. thanks again

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